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Overnight Brightening Nourisher - anti-ageing creams and moisturizers
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Skin Type:  Combination, Dry, Normal & Oily

Light, luxurious, night cream with Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry for early signs of ageing

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product description

- Formulated using a unique combination of potent skin whitening and youth renewing actives

- Light, luxurious night cream with Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry for early signs of ageing

- Helps the skin to repair and renew faster

- When used regularly, skin is said to be flawless, smooth, firm and radiant

- Formula researched and developed by dermatologists


Early signs of ageing 

As we age, our youthful skin gets damaged, and it is tough to maintain its freshness. Your skin may lose its natural glow and start to look dull and tired. However, it can easily be treated with the right skin-care routine.


Uneven skin tone (also known as hyper-pigmentation) is the irregular darkening of our skin. An overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for the color of skin and hair, is responsible for this discoloration and it can make your skin look lusterless and less radiant.

Understand Your Skin Type
    • Flawless, smooth skin
    • Reduces uneven skin tone
Ingredient science

- This product draws inspiration from two of the most beautiful flowers found in nature - Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry

- Purple orchids symbolize the essence of rarity and absolute beauty. They represent the image of a woman and her perfection.

- Japanese Cherry – the most beloved flower of Japan – symbolizes life, the bloom of youth and serenity

- These flowers are known for their youth renewing benefits on skin

- Kaya’s Overnight Regenerating Nourisher gives you skin that is flawless, fairer and visibly younger


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