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Brightening Serum

Intense Clarify HD

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Skin Type:  All

Lightweight serum with potent active lightening complex that evens skin tone & reduces pigmentation revealing brighter skin.

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product description

- This Brightening Serum contains a potent active lightening complex which is known to even the skin tone

- It helps in lightening freckles and age spots

- Helps to reduce hyper pigmented areas

- Ferulic acid and Waltheria Indica extracts have a regulatory effect on melanin skin pigmentation

- It is clinically tested to reduce pigmentation and lighten the skin tone

- The formula is researched and developed by dermatologists



Pigmentation- is a common skin condition, where some areas or patches of skin turn darker in colour. It is usually a harmless condition, caused when there is too much of the pigment, melanin, on the surface of the skin

Dullness- The first step to getting rid of dullness from your face is by removing the layer of dead skin cells by exfoliation as your skin lacks that radiant glow. In order to reduce this dullness, make use of simple skin care routine

Understand Your Skin Type

    - Decreases Pigmentation

    - Brightens the skin

Ingredient science

- Contains Waltheria Indica extracts which inhibit melanin formation, lightening the skin color and reducing pigmentation

- The anti-oxidant ferulic acid shows synergistic activity in regulating melanin production


how to use
How to Use Brightening Serum

Manufactured by : Khushboo Beauty Care,Survey No.69/4/2, Village Athal,396230,Silvassa,India, Region - Dadra, Nagarhaveli,     

Best Before : 2 years from Date of Manufacturing

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Brightening Serum
(based on 10 reviews)
Its great product..every drop works as nector for my skin..gives a radiant glow.
Annyesha Mukherjee

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I tried this for the first time when the skin specialist at Kaya recommended this. I have been so happy with this product that I have to replenish my supplies as soon as the existing is over.
Rupali Madhok

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Gives a very good feel on skin. Found results in a week

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I used this BRIGHTENING SERUM , and the best part totally suits on me , i am so much happy as a blogger i suggest you all please you can buy and proper you will satisfied with this BRIGHTENING SERUM . Click Here<a href="http://www.angelmstyle.com/"> Beauty Blog</a>
Meena Chaudhary

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Two months back, I had gone into depression over the texture of my skin. Went to consult a Kaya dermatologist who identified pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines - you can imagine my horror! My entire face was covered with countless tiny brown spots, with a dark patch of skin around my lips.

I was recommended to use three products, out of which I used two - one Intense clarify HD Brightening Serum and the other Refine and Renew Skin rejuvenating serum.

After almost two months, my freckles have all but gone, the dark patch a few shades lighter and the entire face much brighter and clearer than before. The Rejuvenating serum, sadly, didn't have the same effect on my fine lines, though I did notice a slightly (very slight) firmer skin around my lips.

Less is more in this case and a few drops goes a long way. I just placed order for my second bottle, whereas I have been using them twice daily for over 45 days!!

Verdict: worth every penny!
priyanka agasty

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