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Absolute Repair Concentrate


Absolute Repair Concentrate - anti-ageing serums and gels
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Skin Type:  Combination, Dry & Normal

A Non-oily serum with GAG Complex, which prevents collagen breakdown and results in firmer skin and reduced fine lines

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product description

Delay the signs of ageing with Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate. It contains Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) Complex, the non-oily formulation penetrates deep into the skin and prevents collagen breakdown. It also moisturizes, protects and stimulates cell renewal and turnover, reduces fine lines and results in firmer skin. The formula is researched and developed by dermatologists.

Understand Your Skin Type

    -Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles


    -Enhances skin firmness and tightness

Ingredient science

Glycosaminoglycans complex or GAG Complex’s primary role is to maintain and support collagen, elasticity hence, prevent collagen level from breaking down; reduce fine lines, increase skin firmness & elasticity. It also promotes the ability of the collagen and elastin fibers to retain moisture.

how to use
How to Use Absolute Repair Concentrate