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Youth Defense Kit


Youth Defense Kit - anti-ageing kits
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Skin Type:  Combination, Dry & Normal

A three-step advanced anti-ageing regime that fights multiple signs of ageing, resulting in rejuvenated skin and a youthful look.

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product description

- Kaya Youth Defense Kit is a three-step advanced anti-aging care kit 

- Cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your skin for the youthful look you have always wanted

- Fights multiple signs of aging giving you glowing skin

- Formula researched and developed by dermatologists



As we age, our fresh, youthful skin gets damaged, and it is tough to maintain the exuberance. Our skin may lose its natural glow and start to look dull and tired. This can begin at an early age; however, it can easily be treated with the right skin-care routine.


Understand Your Skin Type

    - Effectively cleans the skin for a radiant and fresh look

    - Makes skin look youthful all the time.



Q - What are the causes of premature aging?


Premature aging is a very common concern noticed off late. The main cause of premature aging is exposure of skin to the sun, however, development of free radicals in the skin too can make it look dull, tired and uneven with fine lines. Though premature aging can be majorly prevented by use of sunscreen, there are other reasons too like pollution, stress, junk food consumption, etc. that can show the above-mentioned signs on your skin.


Q - What causes Pigmentation?


Premature aging may show differently on different people. Premature signs of aging might be visible in various forms like dryness, age spots, dullness, uneven skin and in some people, fine lines. 

Though the main cause of premature aging remains sun exposure and development of free radicals in the skin, not following a suitable skin care regime can further accelerate the process. 


Q - Who is prone to premature aging?


Any individual whose skin is exposed to the sun, rays from laptop/computer screens, projector, and frequent exposure to heat without any form of sunscreen. Also, individuals who face pollution on a daily basis, are prone to premature aging. 


Q - How can you prevent/treat premature aging?


The most critical step to prevent premature aging is to use a sunscreen with a basic SPF ranging from 15-50 at least 20 minutes before sun exposure with re-application every 3-4 hours.

It is also very important to maintain a healthy diet and a skincare routine enriched with vitamins since vitamins are anti-oxidants and can fight against free radicals effectively while preventing and reducing pre-mature signs of aging.    



Best Before: 2 years from Date of Manufacturing

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