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Kaya Flawless Day Cream

50 ml

Suitable for: All skin types

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Product Description

Sun damage, uneven skin tone can aggravate early signs of aging Word to the wise - Sunblock, moisturize, to maintain your skin’s youth. 

Elixir of Youth - Kaya Flawless Day Cream is the perfect day cream for the first signs of aging.

This anti-aging moisturizer 

  • Gives you younger-looking skin in just 4 weeks*
  • Contains SPF25 & 4Bootstar rating
  • Has plant extracts like Bistort Herb and Grape Seed extracts, which penetrate deep into the skin, protect it from the first signs of aging like fine lines, open pores, and age spots.
    The best anti-aging cream that gives your skin UVA & UVB protection and also replenishes your skin for a firm and youthful look.

Reduces visible signs of aging 

 Luminous & even-toned skin

UVA & UVB protection with SPF25 

This formula is researched and developed by dermatologists. At Kaya, our team of expert dermatologists understand the uniqueness of Indian skin and create special formulations to provide solutions that are designed for the best efficacy

Best for

Oily Skin

Combination Skin

Dry Skin

Normal Skin


Fine lines


Age spots

Sun damage


Signs of aging

How to achieve younger-looking skin with Kaya Flawless Day Cream    

When to use


Every morning, give your skin the intense hydration boost and protect it with a layer of SPF25 with this moisturizer
Reapply every 5 hours if required to lock in the hydration and avoid any sun damage 


  • Reduces early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and age spots. 
  • Get visibly younger looking skin in 4 weeks*
  • cSPF25 shields the skin from any sun damage.
  • Gives skin a hydration boost.
  • Retains moisture, keeping smooth supple and smooth.
  • Nourishes the skin and gives it a radiant glowing look.


  • Bistort Herb extract
  • Grape Seed extract
  • SPF 25  

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Kaya Flawless Day Cream
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