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Soothing Cleansing Gel


Soothing Cleansing Gel - regular care face wash
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Skin Type:  All

Soap free, gentle cleansing formula for everyday use

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product description

- Is a soap-free gel with gentle foaming agents for everyday use

- Provides a deep cleansing action

- Moisturizing agents soothe and soften the skin

- Leaves the skin perfectly cleaned and purified with a pleasant feeling of freshness

- Formula researched and developed by dermatologists


Everyday care

If your skin is not healthy, it shows. The skin needs simple and adequate care along with a number of nutrients to stay healthy and radiant. Include elements on daily pollution assault and the effect of stress and lack of sleep on individual’s skin health. This product is for everyday use, so it should solve everyday problems.

Understand Your Skin Type

    - Leaves the skin perfectly cleaned and purified with a pleasant feeling of freshness

Ingredient science

- Vitamin B3 and Niacinamide help in lightening the skin tone and in sebum regulation

- Zinc Lactate, a potent ingredient , helps in reducing excess sebum


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How to Use Soothing Cleansing Gel
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Soothing Cleansing Gel
(based on 4 reviews)
It's a great product for every skin type. It cleanses softly without making the skin too dry. And also worth the money as I use it regularly and it lasts a month

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Good product for my sensitive skin with good results with no soap content. Very effective
jaleel ahmed

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It is very good product just use a little at one time and that's it..

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Its a very good product.. and irresistable , I just love to order it frequently
Sandhya koli

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